ICOP-IRATA International-August 2014

IRATA International code of practice for industrial rope access :

IRATA International is recognized as the world’s leading authority on industrial rope access. Established in the UK in 1988 as the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association, an increase in membership worldwide led to the name IRATA International to reflect this. The association’s aim is the promotion and development of the safe system that it has pioneered since its inception and to support its member companies and trained technicians to enable them to work in a safe and effective manner. There are several types of IRATA International membership. Full member companies are either trainer members or operator members (or both). These types of members have full voting rights. There are probationary levels of these memberships, which also have full voting rights. There are two more types of membership, neither with voting rights: associate, open to organizations such as manufacturers, architects and authoritative bodies, and individual, open, for example, to consultants and rope access technicians.


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